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‘Jeanie Crystal is a jack of all trades. Birds art collective, Pattern Party, Harpies Strip Club, Faboo, her art and nightlife CV might seem varied, but there are through lines that marry her creative practice. Collaboration, creativity and sex positivity are key in her work, enlightening those exposed to it to empowerment, self deification and joy. With her latest venture 'Faboo', a club night come theatrical troupe come fashion muses' wonderland, she's collected and curated a vivid, brilliant team of queer performers and artists intent on spreading the message of the power of irreverence and opulence. Her mission is to give the agency and power back to queer performers and sex workers, giving them the space to make their money in an environment which they hold the power and their audience gain access to radical pleasure and joy’ 
- Zooey Gleeves - Queer Island Discs 

To me, Jeanie’s work is “intersectional-ism” at its essence: understanding that we are not a mere <sum total> of our multiple identities but that these aspects act in synthesis to produce distinct, unique subjectivities and experiences.

– Lady Hookah

Jeanie Crystal

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